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Welcome To All Truth Seekers

Anon I mus is a spiritual teacher, book author and the founder of the Ego Awareness Movement/World Ego Awareness Day (WEAD) on May 11th of each year. The main goal of this website is to help free minds and expand consciousness. The name ‘Anon I mus’ is simply a play on words for being anonymous (nameless/anonymity). It represents a spiritual symbol; teaching us to look beyond the content of our given birth names, temperaments, roles, socioeconomic status, cultural conditioning, mental/physical health and material possessions. This website’s sole purpose is to help point out or indicate what the true meaning of spiritual enlightenment means at its core. “Always remember, truth cannot be said, it can only be shown via direct experience.”

True spiritual knowledge/wisdom can only serve at best in showing the way. It is likened to a finger pointing to the moon. All words about the truth are only mere fingers pointing to the one moon; but we must not accept the fingers as the moon itself. It is not the finger pointing that is important, only where it is pointing to that truly matters. It is the same core message that the ancient wise ones (sages) have handed down through the ages, yet the minds of men became fixated on the messengers, overlooking the vital message. The moment we start attaching, obsessing, despising or having personal bias to the fingers, then we (through ignorance) have completely missed the “whole point”. The fingers were not the point (for they are only relative, subjective distinctions); the point was the moon (symbolic truth). I am only here to ‘impersonally’ deliver a message; it is the message that is most important, the messenger is of no importance  (the message can be expressed through any form of medium). Again, the informational content in this blog is done ‘anonymously’ in order to minimize any judgmental interference of a personal ‘me and my story’ diluted with the impersonal, universal wisdom teachings presented. It is up to you to have a keen sense of discerning the message from the messenger (physical mediator). Without the clear tools of discernment, we can become delusional in our efforts to seek out spiritual wisdom to help guide us on our path.

Our Divine Origin – The Beginning

Before the universe had come into being: there was only the formless, non-localized field of pure potentiality. This empty, undifferentiated Source of life was the self-organizing, creative intelligence and protagonist of the universe. Existing in a unfathomable, timeless state of homogeneous perfection (a static, absence of vibration), it had no understanding of external or internal points of reference, time, space, concepts, experiences of change or movement (from here to there).

Source Consciousness had an urge to know itself by standing out and becoming ‘self-aware’ through the splitting of it’s attention in order to experience differentiation. A single point of self-awareness was the first projection that came out of existence. Before anything can be, it has to start with a point. A point occupies no space, dimensions or time; it is too small to measured, yet it miraculously encompasses everything within it. This is what we know as the explosion of the big bang that reverberated out of Primordial Voidness; a polarized mirror reflection from which to translate fragments of it’s own consciousness into the virtual reality game of immersive experiences (creating a subject/object split within itself).  

At least two points of reference are required for space and time to come into existence: the one becomes two, two eventually becomes an infinite amount of objects. Source cannot be known without this relative, informational framework of perspective through the rule set of ‘contrast’; otherwise it would not be able to compare and distinguish one part of itself from another.  

We are all the individuated fractal expressions (Infinite POV’s) of Source Consciousness that are playing in this holographic 3D game. Each individual part of the Source is a conduit for expressing this timeless expansion of Beingness. Whenever Source desires to know itself (as a unique expression in form); it separates itself into smaller versions of itself and uses the sensory organs of living beings (multiplayer characters/avatars) in order to learn and experience all the possible ways and timelines. We are how Source interacts with itself because Source is all there is. 

Our physical bodies are our learning devices which serve as conductors/filters for tasting experiences in this physical reality within a linear space-time framework. When Source localizes itself in each of our minds, it momentarily forgets everything else (all other possibilities) that exists inside of it’s infinite nature. The function of our brains is to filter out infinity (everything other than the immediate sensory reality). This physical reality gives us the carousel of illusory appearances, beliefs in scarcity/lack, predator/prey, separateness, boundaries and limitations (flavored with a dash of self-forgetfulness).

We, as divine fractals must not fall under the hypnotic spell of unconsciously masking our true essence by losing ourselves in the binary world of the matrix. It is imperative to make a conscious effort in not becoming over-identified, immersed or lost in the passing dream of phenomenal appearances.

Through creation, Source provides a playground for itself existing in relation to itself (like a mosaic). Joyfully taking on innumerable forms – unfolding, splitting and diversifying itself into focal points of ever expanding consciousness (unending ripples of ‘I AM’) to experience ‘apparent’ individuality and disconnectedness in order to learn more about itself through the potential of diversity, self-knowledge and self-exploration.

We, as the source consciousness had to create the illusion of this inverted reflection of paradise (oneness) to forget who we are in order to eventually re-member what we are and our true origin. If we had remained in a timeless and changeless state of wholeness (perfection), then it would not be possible for us to grow and experience anything. Our minds create limitations or distinctions between two different things, that’s how we learn. No game can be played for limitless awareness without downgrading to a finite perspective, ruleset and perceived boundaries. Oneness enjoys learning from surprises, challenges and mistakes that come from every choice that we experience in this choose your own adventure game; just as one may enjoy a good puzzle or solving a problem. 

A new perspective can successfully be achieved through the conditions we have imposed on ourselves (infinite scenarios and varying degrees of change). We will re-discover who we really are from a new point of view, through the temporary suffering of our dream selves (unconscious form-identifications/attachments). Our suffering was from a case of ‘mistaken identity’; it was intentionally designed for us (by us) in order to create the possibility for awakening from the illusory, 3D Game into ultimate flowering of our divinity. The whole is in every piece of the whole, behind every eye is the underlying, Cosmic ‘I AM’.

written by Anon I mus


Being a ‘Spiritual No-Body’ in the World

In the world that we live in, the term of being a “nobody” is misleading and has a negative association with a person that has no social status, surface appearances, respectability, prestige, power, specialness, successes and failures in the world. Nobody is interested in being a ‘no-body’. In the spiritual sense of the word, a “no-body” is the exact opposite and must be “existentially” understood. Who we really are, at our deepest core (beneath the surface of our outer appearance), is the transcendental space of unmanifested awareness.

God (the Divine) is not a thought, concept, person, place or thing. God is the non-dual, infinite awareness that is eternally awake; the underlying background of all existence (abiding in all things). In the deeper levels of our being there is no-body there (it is a vast, infinite abyss); this is the zero point field where all potentialities spontaneously emerge from. This unfathomable, silent space of emptiness has no ‘existence’, a thing has to ‘stand out’ apart from other things to exist. The paradox is that ‘nothingness’ has no existence (it was never created), but it allows everything else the possibility to exist out of its neutral space.

There is no need to struggle in the world for external validation (comparing and competing with others) for the position of being a special ‘somebody’ (person-hood), you do not have to try in being a nobody (that is already your natural stateless state). We are not our physical bodies nor our minds/personalities. The fact that we are using the body-mind implies that we are not the body-mind. We exist as the more essential, subtler reality (non-physical) behind our individual entity as a pure light (a smokeless flame); beyond all arrangements of appearances and experiences. Most of our vital energies (through social conditioning) has become invested in the narrow, exclusive identification with ‘person-hood’ – a psychological loop of self-referencing ‘me and not me’.

We are not a bundle of outworn memories, old habits, social roles and predictable responses that are triggered by people and circumstances. Identifying as the ‘No-self’ is a great equalizer in which we are tapping into the uncharted territory of the all-inclusive greater intelligence without limitations; not burdened by any particular form that you have about yourself and others. The ego is our derived, false sense of self (a mind-made story) that is built up by a collection of ‘I-thoughts’ we identify with, feed and serve to protect (external things, power, fame, reputation, name, memories, education, opinions, approval, neurosis, emotions, reactions, socially conditioned patterns of thought, etc.). Great fear comes out of dropping our egoic-identity and willfully entering into the impartial, selfless space of our emptiness that both surrounds us and is within us. The truth is that this emptiness (our non-conceptual self) is really the absence of the conditioned mind, that is always trying to fill itself with things out of the fear of being incomplete (not good enough and unhappy). We are so enamored with what we see, think and experience that we forget who is doing the looking. Awareness is not a state, thought or an object of experience; it is empty so there is no ‘thing’ to observe there. You cannot lose it or experience it because you are your core awareness itself. There is only the untouchable, infinite spaciousness of Being, the Witnessing Awareness that is a unperturbed dimension underneath the cosmic play of opposites. Identifying with the body has you outlined (constrained yourself to boundaries), associated with certain qualities, gender, memories, convictions, race that creates a sense of I/me (person). It is far more enticing and appealing to the ego in being a ‘separate self’ (clinging to context), than to be selfless being (spiritual detachment).

Real meditation is about embracing our innermost core, the silent space of awareness before the mental noise our compulsive mental-emotional activities are formed. Thoughts are always dualistic in nature; as soon as we think of a ‘thing’, we set that thing contrasting it against everything it is not. In spiritual awakening, you realize that you are already enlightened and complete (at the deepest level of your being) , no longer trying to fill this sense of pure emptiness with more and more concepts/things; just being as existence is.

Most of us live our lives completely lost and asleep in our dream characters, the drama that we call ‘life’. The institutional  world that we live in is a infrastructure built on our survival instincts, roles, tribal customs, habits, rituals, consumerism, social and religious belief systems; these societal rules and regulations are the standards in how we measure and define ourselves.  If we choose see ourselves by our fabricated stories, as the body-mind personas (conceptual characters) alone, then we become severely limited and fragmented in our thinking and being. Our society is set up to only reward somebodies (egotism) at every given opportunity and invalidate nobodies.  If we shift our perspectives to see ourselves as the deep stillness of Being that appears as everything, unbounded freedom (infinite possibilities) can be achieved. The formal body-minds that we use to function in the world is still there (functioning as an appearance in awareness), but it is no longer taken to be our sole identities.

When we consciously drop the false sense of individuality (self-centered tendencies), we then become a representation of the divine; which is beyond all conventions: names, forms, roles, borders, distinctions, and confinements of the psychological self. It is imperative to go beyond your fictitious social-identity (self-image); this erroneous belief in the seemingly ‘separate you’ striving to seek the approval of others (through comparison and competition). We must wake up from our dream selves (person-hood) and disappear into our pure nobodiness (nothingness), the all-encompassing wholeness of life.  Otherwise, we will undoubtedly be trapped (unconscious) in the world of phenomenal forms and will experience the inevitability of human suffering.

The subtle nature of aware presence is not any kind of an object, it does not have a location in space and time; therefore (to the discriminating thinking-mind) it is so readily dismissed. Our true nature as awareness does not have an objective quality such as age, size, color, duration or change. We are overlooking that which is doing the very looking itself. In identifying and reacting with conceptual thinking, emotions and behaviors; you will continue to remain unawakened spiritually (unconscious) and imprisoned in it.  Only through self-mastery, divine love, emptiness, stillness, presence and silence can one be overflowing with an endless reservoir of insight and unimaginable possibilities. If you really want to be spiritually liberated, you will have to drop your false, mind-made sense of a self (concepts and exclusive belief systems) that you have attached to the depth of being. When all form identification has been dropped from your ever present ‘I AM-NESS’, the vast spaciousness of your pure, Impersonal Self will only remain.

It is a huge undertaking to raise the sleeping masses, in freeing minds to go beyond all the baggage of ‘collective conditioning and suffering’ – reactive patterns, mental labels and compulsive thinking (preoccupation with the past and future). My whole effort is to demystify spirituality/enlightenment by helping others to awaken back to their radiant, formless nature as spacious awareness, the only true source and witness of all All-that-is (creation).

There is just the eternal One Life underlining all form manifestation, right Here, right Now. This ever-present Life is spontaneously playing and living us, as this polarized universe. When we are no-one, then we are One (everyone, everything and everywhere). Only emptiness (creative potential) can be paradoxically ‘everything’. This is the nameless, formless face we had before we were born, our original face.

The Misconceptions About Becoming Enlightened

​To understand what authentic spirituality/enlightenment is, we must first be fully open and humbly understand what it is not and the pitfalls surrounding this path; due to a large amount of misinformation being pedaled out into the mainstream on this subject.

      Spiritual Enlightenment IS NOT:

  • a part time casual affair for mere spiritual tourists
  • an appendage to our lives or a spiritual goal to be attained in the future
  • an attachment or dependency (having honor, reverence or paying homage) to self-proclaimed gurus and religious books
  • being a vegan or vegetarian
  • the chanting of mantras
  • being a channeler for aliens, angels and incorporeal entities
  • identifying with any particular cult(ure), religious dogma, tradition or spiritual group
  • joining ashrams or communes
  • saving the environment, becoming part of a social movement against…
  • creating or attending self-help seminars, workshops and retreats
  • buying into trendy “new age” packaged products and services out on the market place that are for sale (packaged spirituality)
  • wearing cultural dress codes (dressing up or lack thereof)
  • using spiritual truths for monetary gain and personal fame (being in the spotlight)
  • finding a soul mate or twin flame
  • blindly seeking a permanent, ecstatic condition of peace (samadhi) and happiness where the struggles of life no longer exist
  • having no desires in life to claim through the process of asceticism and celibacy (being desire-less)
  • possessing ancient sacred knowledge, psychic powers, kundalini awakening, exalted states of consciousness and even identification as a soul, higher-self, light-body, etc. (they are of the dream) 
  • a certain sense of specialness or self-importance (spiritual one-upmanship)
  • practicing various yoga and meditation techniques
  • choosing an eastern or western philosophy/belief
  • using advaita as a convenient means to escape your life situation (escapism)
  • a total annihilation of the mind (appearing to be egoless)
  • doing certain habitual, spiritual practices, the observation of particular ‘holy days’
  • using or depending on psycho-active drugs and calling it “spiritual”
  • being from another “advanced” planet or dimension
  • depending on consoling spiritual quotes and aphorisms (regurgitators of eastern dogma)
  • self-promoting one’s own enlightenment – making the declaration onto others that you are personally ‘enlightened’. When enlightenment is real, there is nobody (a separate, individual) left to boldly claim it or publicly broadcast it as a badge and shield (they are modest and self-effacing). The thought-story of ‘me’ is a fabrication, no matter how spiritual or mystical the story may appear to be.
  • claiming to be a spiritual guru, yogi, godman (avatara) or an awakened teacher (eastern or western “master” of non duality, etc).
**If you are seeking enlightenment, you will not find it through this checklist, you may at best find a few good pointers.**

I would like to clarify that all practices, tools, books, crystals, spiritual discipline and techniques, are not classified as bad or negative (if we see them as symbols). However, people do not need to cling or over commit to the excess emphasis on these forms, as ‘permission slips’ in order to get in touch with their greater, non-physical Self (as pure, formless consciousness). These ritualistic practices, sacred objects, processes and belief systems act as for the most part as placebos and do not have any independent, intrinsic power (in and of themselves) to make us more happy, at peace or enlightened. The external ‘object’ that we perceive has no inherent quality; the quality is projected on the object by our own inner expectations/conditions.

It is our erroneous ideas about spiritual awakening for our personal self is what holds us back from truly realizing authentic awakening. We do not have to learn to connect with our true nature, using the ‘excuse’ of some learned, external object or method, which are only external symbols. We only have to be ‘aware’ of what we already are at a deeper level through the total surrender of our pure, fundamental essence. 

We are all encouraged to take a radical stand and embrace that we are bigger than our ‘individual selves’. There is a deeper, undisturbed, non-local part of ourselves that is not an ‘object’ – bound to a name, form or ideology. This understanding and acceptance creates the vast space to which the field of infinite possibilities can arise out of.  In the process of consciously emptying ourselves of physical and mental association with ephemeral forms (stripping away all that we are not), what will remain is our one, undivided reality (Nondual Awareness). Only by taking this final step to inner recognition can we free ourselves from the illusory sense of a localized personal sense of self.

The Traps and Pitfalls for Spiritual Seekers and Teachers (WARNING!!)

Beware of the pitfalls and traps on the spiritual path.  There has been an influx of spiritual teachers (self-proclaimed mystics, sages, enlightened masters, gurus, channelers, healers, etc.) in the world that have been providing a public service by imparting spiritual knowledge and wisdom to seekers; yet they themselves have not passed the spiritual tests of transcending (detaching) beyond the ego’s world (matrix of illusory separation and limitation).  So many of these self-appointed, spiritual teachers have falsely made the claim of their ‘spiritual awakening’ under the guise of their own ego-personalities. This false awakening gives birth to a spiritual self-image referred to as the spiritual ego; which is so deceptive that it cleverly hides behind the mask of appearing ego-less, rare and a special individual apart from others (a spiritual ego is still an ego).

For this reason, all spiritual students (both basic and advanced) must proceed with mindful caution when seeking them out for knowledge and guidance. Only through the state of spiritual transcendence can one play the role of a true teacher (by way of example); a clean mirror, reflecting pure presence, in order to unconditionally assist others.  There is a wise old saying that states: “Clear all obstacles from the path… If you encounter Buddha, then kill Buddha!  Only thus will you attain release, only thus escape the nets and become free”.  At first glance to the mind, it can easily be misinterpreted as negative, if taken literally.  With a deeper spiritual understanding to what was said, it is a deep, symbolic truth; a warning for us to destroy (deconstruct) all myriad forms (images, words and mental concepts) that stand in the way of our own personal and direct experience of spiritual truth (self-realization). Any unconscious over-identification or attachment to forms (held in the mind and sense perceptions), will inevitably lock us in holding patterns and lead us into further human suffering.  Clinging to the ‘exclusivity’ of external forms such as spiritual teachers and spiritual/religious practices, complex methodologies, techniques and “sacred” objects are some of the greatest dangers along the spiritual path toward ultimate liberation.

Too many delusional spiritual leaders have abused their power and kept their doting disciples at bay, they are spreading misinformation unknowingly; leaving them trapped in a limited and illusory level of outward form. What do I mean by this? Our conditioned egoic-minds sees the world through the lenses of assumed division, distinctions, labels, categories, comparisons and the surface of things. The ego-mind through ignorance is addicted to ‘form’ (thought-forms, people, power, control, material possessions, money, pleasures, etc.). People that are unconsciously identified with their conditioning borrowed from their cultures, traditions and social conditioning, certain mental images that they had consensually agreed upon to be revered as holy, pious, and spiritually enlightened. We project our cherished interpretations of enlightenment based on our own theological framework onto these elected figures and in turn, block the process of our own spiritual awakening.

Many of these spiritual teachers have become regurgitators of information (without doing the work on themselves), they failed to understand the essential teachings and have exploited and manipulated the suffering seekers. This is achieved by playing into these shiny packaged religious/cultural trappings and commonly held superstitious beliefs; fulfilling stereo-typically assigned images/roles (narcissistic Christ-complex), drawing more attention to their gross self-image than the timeless teachings. All of these trappings only serve to continuously feed the conditioned minds of the masses, the belief in external dependencies for salvation. This form of escapism was designed to soothe and tweek their feel-good button in order people to remain passive and subservient, this cannot be stressed enough.

Form is the outward, polarized appearance of things, which creates the illusory cloak of separation.  All forms (mental, emotional and physical) are cyclical in nature and unstable, in other words they do not have any permanency in them (jobs, relationships, finances, health, feelings etc.).

Identifying with the body has you outlined (constrained yourself to boundaries), associated with certain qualities, gender, memories, convictions, race that creates a sense of I/me (person)

Society at large has been seeking happiness and salvation in the impermanent, illusory world of appearances.

People have also become fixated (through misdirection) on these spiritual, theatrical performances of ‘so-called’ spiritual elite who look and speak the part (but are not yet awake); boasting to others about their fictitious story of I – fancy titles and names, particular brand of charismatic, public personas (overly calm, rarely blink and always blissed out performance acts), demeanor’s in the way they speak and carry themselves, the flashy exterior of clothing they wear, race or ethnicity, cultures and traditions, over-exaggerated personal stories (biographies), who their master/teacher was,  through successor-ship or lineage (the need to authenticate oneself in somebody else’s name to establish credibility, bragging rights and higher a position of authority). All of this seems to be the perquisite in the ‘spiritual circus’ of humanity; passing themselves to be something that they are not.

So many cultures have made the common mistake of being overly dependent and biased toward particular spiritual figures of the world (misplaced admiration); who have merely served as pointing (indicating) to universal and timeless spiritual truths throughout the ages.  People have gone so far in their ‘hero worship’ as to pledge their allegiance to these distinct “elite” human personalities, putting them on such “elevated” pedestals of social ranks (Guru-dom) akin to the point of glamorous king-celebrity status (guru-lebrities).  Once you make any mental distinctions, you will create conflict within your being; this polarized mental standpoint will make you divided (fragmented) inside.

A spiritual ‘somebody’ cannot teach us (by way of example) to be a nobody, only a nobody can do that.

History has shown us that mankind had poisoned the drinking well of liberation by creating mind-made organized religions, cults, traditions, creeds, dogmas and  spiritual groups in the name of their ‘leaders’ (an established hierarchical framework among teachers/masters and students); instead of focusing on the universal, ancient wisdom teachings they had taught. This only provides the grounds for smaller egos to serve and support larger ‘spiritual egos’ (codependency), that deflects attention away from the ultimate surrendering to our inner divinity. This reveals the transparency that many self-deluded spiritual teachers have been trying to cover-up; a fantasy version of themselves cloaked in a divine garb and/or persona for getting attention and validation by having their self-image and story glorified.

We cannot obtain self-realization if our focus of attention is stuck on the cult of a ‘human personality’ (the external form of the master/teacher or methodology), rather than the pure teachings.  When we consciously remove the conceptual identities that separate us from each other, we can truly awaken to the timeless universal field of Oneness.

No swami, guru, master, shaman, channeler or spiritual teacher can ever give to us what we already are. Ageless wisdom indicates that it is not the ‘messengers’ but rather, the Message that is most important.  Messengers are merely the fingers pointing towards a deeper reality of existence; the messengers are not the truth nor should they be revered as more special, elevated, superior or holier than anyone. Pointers to the truth are just that, ‘pointers’. We cannot ‘cherry pick’ the individual pointers to truth or pay homage to them in any which way or form. If we get caught up with whom these messengers are (name, title, personal story, culture, race, etc.), then our focus will be diverted into the paradigm of separateness (duality/ego consciousness) and we will remain unconscious to our Eternal Self. Externalizing our salvation and liberation would only strengthen the chains of our personal bondage to the security blanket of ‘form’ (illusory phenomenal appearances). Spiritual knowledge should only serve as a signpost, pointing the way back to the source of our undifferentiated consciousness.

Authentic spiritual teachers consciously live by way of example (not by coercion); practicing the true, universal principles with spiritual maturity through aware-presence, humility, love and self-negation (self-unveiling).  The teacher role encourages the student/seeker to take backward steps out of the contextual frame of personal identity, back into emptiness.  In this way empty teachers can serve as a vital symbol of pure awareness, by loosening the grip of their own fantasy and distractions with the phenomenal world. There is no craving specialness (idealized pedestal), so they take no ‘personal’ credit what they have learned, teach or appear to be; making peace with the knowing that behind ‘everything’ is the one, impersonal, cosmic life-force that is the animating power of the universe. Spiritual teachers must continuously take a radical stand in ‘unconditioned presence’ and become ‘spiritual no-bodies’ in the world (selfless pointers to the truth) without being seduced by their spiritual-ego trappings – lusting after authoritarian power, sexual exploitation of their disciples, glorifying their self-image, personal recognition/credit, monetizing spiritual truths (donations, courses, workshops, retreats, commercial products and services), approval and acceptance, clinging to old traditions and cultural preferences (eastern or western) and so forth. 

The function of spiritual knowledge/wisdom is to point away from itself (far beyond their informational content), to that which lies beyond all designation and description. Look pass the words to that which is aware of them as ‘ideas, beliefs and concepts.  We obscure and compromise our unbounded aware presence with flawed, outdated beliefs of shaped by our social conditioning (cultural, national, political, economic, social leadership, religious etc) it not only defines us, it confines us.  We must remove our unnecessary devotion, blind faith and veneration towards distinct, external teachers and/or doctrines; the trap of unconsciously choosing one over another (dualism), this is a form of idolatry. It is important to stay focused on the core spiritual truths in and of themselves that can only be found through deeper self-introspection (exploring, questioning and observing reality beyond superficial appearances) and direct-personal experience.


A Summary of Anon I mus’ Message

Spiritual enlightenment cannot be held down by the crippling weight of conformity: slaves to the invisible chains of man-made tradition, organized religions, ideologies, politics, conventions, consumerism, addictions, financial debt (survival mode) and socialization. They all represent the various hidden influences, control mechanisms and power games that mold and shape our lives and are great barriers to the aliveness of living awareness. World traditions want people to function from the state of unawareness, complacency and blind obedience in order to be easily controlled without questioning their external authorities. Unless we drop our auto-pilot programming – role-playing, social masks (persona), the self-portrait of a false, psychological sense of self with its many accumulated stories that we had constructed and mistaken ourselves to be (that we attempt to defend and protect), we will not be able to find our authentic, constant and unchanging Self that resides eternally from within.

Humanity’s destiny is the flowering into total freedom from the spell of the unawakened state of cognitive dissonance (willful ignorance); transcending personal identification from all conflict, personal suffering and rigid, socially complacent mentality. Free in every way possible to live more consciously from that still and silent, universal spaciousness of aware presence. Spiritual Enlightenment is not an achievement or a goal that we need to obtain, this false belief system only serves to perpetuate the idea that you will never reach it. Enlightenment is a simple recognition in remembering what you fundamentally already are (no-one), a discovery of the infinite intelligence that already exists inside of us. Nothing is ever separate, nothing is ever excluded from the self-sufficient, perfect wholeness of life.

We are not independent doers, the Absolute (Prime Cause) is the only Doer (Presence is One) which is the unmoving, unalterable center of our nameless being. The observer is the observed, the microcosm is the macrocosm, and the seeker is the sought, in other words, “what we are looking for is what is doing the looking”. You are not just a limited, sentient life-form (thoughts, emotional states and sense perceptions) that you were raised to believe. The personal self that we think we think we are cannot awaken – we have must awaken from the dream-self in order to realize our true Self. You are unconditioned sentience (the One Life) itself, the universal self-organizing intelligence that stabilizes and governs all things. You are this absolute, primordial awareness, not the transient content of consciousness that is constantly appearing and disappearing in the great space of your Being. Your primary objective is to break through this pseudo self-portrait of person-hood by peeling away all the heavy layers of mental-emotional resistance and realize the True Source within; not to make large sums of money, a name or create social change.  Once you consciously make the choice, out of your total readiness to enter into the light of your spacious presence without any center or borders, you emerge with the totality of the universe (your nobodiness). All pseudo masks, labels and concepts that had once given us a strong sense of an identity, are dropped. We live in the same world as the undisturbed witness, but no longer in the same way anymore. As nameless awareness we wake up from the sensory experiences of dream identification with physical and mental thought-forms.

“I simply serve as a reminder, holding before you a divine mirror that goes on reflecting your nameless and timeless God-Self back at you.”

–Anon I mus











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